First actual content!

So I kind of finished my first book review – first review of any kind since university. I picked the book Enter Night because I hated it and I wanted to try to be as positive as I could. I certainly didn’t want to pick a book I would gush over. It was a nice challenge, but I’m going to try to stay away from books that bother me so. I’m jealous, though, I admit. The premise was fine, but the things I found wrong with the novel were the things that would have stopped me from writing it if I had been trying to write this work. So I appreciate that Michael Rowe was able to plug along. Maybe he hated it just as much as I, but he had to spend an awful lot more time with it than I did. And for that, he got paid.

It’s not an easy thing, this writing thing. (Sigh. Literally!)

But I’m glad that I was able to put up the first of what I hope to be a lot of content. I can thank my friend Alison, who will be joining soon I hope in some capacity, for giving me a quick edit and pointers, and our Editor Amanda who took a look at the review. I think I was successful with my review of imparting on her my feelings about reading the book… And in the end, I guess that’s doing my job!

On another note, Amanda has told me that industry standard is now one space after periods. I have to undo years and years of typing motor neurons firing twice with the right thumb after periods…